Enjoy the Journey – Find an Experience in Your Next Bathroom Break!

Bathroom Break

Let’s face it, sometimes we just want to get from A to B in the least amount of time possible.  But, research shows that you should be taking a break from a long drive every 2-3 hours.  Taking a break allows you to Bathroom Breakempty your bladder, grab a drink or a snack, stretch your legs, and take your eyes and mind off of the road for a bit.  So…   if you have to take a break anyway, why not make it into something more than your everyday travel center or rest area?  We all get tired of the sheer monotony of it all, and who even knows what the state of their bathrooms are?  You can (usually) find interesting places – even on the Interstate – to stop and relieve yourself as well as enjoy a view, see something unique, learn something historic, tantalize your tastebuds, take a short walk, let your kids (or dog) expend some pent up energy, or satisfy a sweet tooth.

Here’s just such a plan that I put together for my daughter for an 9+ hour drive from St Louis, MO to Sioux Falls, SD.  The drive is long and boring and she was doing it all by herself.  StLouisMOtoSiouxFallsSD_picShe was going to have to stop along the way anyways, so I researched some ideas for her on where she could not only stop, but discover something new along the way.  I researched Interstate rest areas, green spots on the map, ‘must try/see’ places in towns that were in 2-3 hour increments and came up with several suggestions.  You could do the same, or you could just ask me for suggestions and I would be more than happy to help you out!  We get to save the things we find for others who are in the area.  Together we can make long drives more enjoyable – both for us as well as those who come behind us.  See more plans here if you’re looking for other ideas!

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Kristi (aka The Trippy Tripster)

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Kristi enjoys traveling and taking road trips to fully experience life. She loves to find local eateries, off the beaten path hidden gems, and the secrets to enjoying the journey.

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  1. Katie

    Love this idea and what a great mother you are helping your daughter like that! I’m a planner and when going on a road trip I always research areas of interest along the way. I don’t want to miss anything and later find out I passed up something really worth while and cool. I also have a pretty restrictive diet so I like to research restaurants and look up grocery stores where I can buy food on the way.

    1. Trippy Tripster

      Thanks Katie for your comment!  We’d love to hear more about the discoveries you have had in your travels!

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