Welcome to Roadtrippers R Us!

Hi!  My name is Kristi (aka the Trippy Tripster) and I started this website because I love planning (and taking) road trips and I want to help you!  I have been taking my family on road trips 2-3 times a year since 2002 and we've never been on the same one twice!

I have learned a ton of stuff - most of it the hard way - that I'd like to share with others who either go on road trips all the time or have only thought about it and just don't know where to start.

I love to find alternative, scenic routes, off the beaten path gems, local eateries, and great places to stay.  Sometimes I'm daring, and sometimes I go with the known entity, but as everyone knows, road trips are always full of surprises.  My kids remember those the best!  I'd like to help you plan your next road trip adventure, personalizing it just for you based on your personal preferences.

Road trips can be anything from a half-day to several weeks.  It all depends on how much time you have.  They can start and end at your home, or you can fly in somewhere and cut down on Interstate time.

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What Makes Us Unique?


We're not just a laundry list of paid-for advertisements or 'most popular' places or general guide books. We'll help you plan roadtrips personalized just for you.

Local Expertise

We can give you insider tips on local eateries and hidden gems off the beaten path. If we haven't been their ourselves, we'll tap into our connections and do the research for you

Avoid Pitfalls

While expecting the unexpected is all part of the fun, we can help you avoid the issues that will keep misery out of your trip

Up To Date

The Internet and guidebooks are filled with out-of-date information. We can ensure you have the latest information we can find

Logistical Planning

While it's fun just to get in the car and drive, there are certain things you need to plan for to make your journey enjoyable and worry free. We're here to help

Here to Help

Where ever you are in expertise or planning, we can jump in and meet you where you are. From nuts to bolts, or filling in the blanks, just let us know