Don’t have time for a Road Trip? – Think Again

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I’d like to take a road trip, it sounds like fun.  Maybe someday.  Does this sound like you?  Stop thinking about all of the reasons why you can’t take a road trip and start thinking about how you can!

But how?  Read on!

Redefine the Road Trip

In your mind’s eye, when someone says Road Trip! We automatically think a multi-day adventure driving miles and miles to some or any destination.  What if instead, we scaled back out definition to the essence?

A road trip is about hitting the open road and discovering new places.  How far away is the open road from where you live?  Have you discovered everything in your town, county, state?  Perhaps adventure is not so far away!

A road trip can be as simple as an afternoon or a weekend.  Sure, the grand cross-country trips are fun and you should plan those too, but don’t hold back and wait when you don’t have to!

Find the Time

clockIf adventure is not that far away, how much time do you really need?  An hour or two?  An afternoon?  A day?  A weekend?  Put it on the calendar and hold it sacred.  Make it a priority in your life and stop giving other things priority.

But what about work?  Very few people have to work every day for their job. Many people don’t take their vacation time or use their sick days. You may think you are indispensable, but don’t kid yourself.  If you disappeared tomorrow, your company would figure it out.  Take time off work once in a while and you will be a better employee.

But what about cleaning and maintenance? All of these things need to be done and there is a never-ending list.  But, then, that’s the point, there is a never-ending list. You will never be ‘done’, so don’t use it as an excuse.  Take care of the ‘must do’ and let the rest wait.  Let go of perfectionism and live a little…

But what about baseball practice?  Are you overscheduling your kid?  Are you reliving your own childhood thru your kid? Are you dreaming of the ‘big leagues’? Participation in sports and other activities has its place, but don’t let it rob you and your kids from other experiences. They will be better people for it and their team will survive.  And, if they really are major league material, a trip here and there is not going to ruin their career.

But what about school?  Again, school and training are important.  But, it isn’t important 24×7.  There is time to take time off.  Take it.  The time spent in class rises in importance the further along in education you go.  In the end will it matter you took your elementary kid out of school for a week during the middle of the semester?  No.  Don’t make it a habit and they will be just fine. Travel is just another form of education.

But I don’t even have any ideas!  Here is where I can help.  Reach out to me for recommendations in your area and I can help.  Planning a longer trip?  You can skip the research and let me handle the details of your next adventure.  I’ll work with you on what you like to do and all you have to do is enjoy your journey

Find the Reason

Not convinced yet?

Just getting away from your day-to-day responsibilities can do wonders for your health and well-being.  You need time to vacationrecharge and relax if you are to live a long, productive, and healthy life.

All of us have only so much time on this beautiful planet of ours and we don’t know how much time. Don’t wait until ‘someday’ to enjoy life. Sadly, it may never come. Learn to recognize and seize the opportunities in front of you right now.

There is a saying – ‘Plan as if you will live forever but live like you will die tomorrow’. There is a lot to be said to maintaining that mindset. It actually takes discipline and practice to adjust your thinking, schedule time to ‘get away’, and then actually prioritize and follow through.

But, it’s so worth it.

Next Steps

So how to start?  Start small.  Some call these ‘baby steps’.  Making new habits and breaking old habits take time, so be patient, but hold yourself accountable.

Do two simple things right now:

  1. Schedule at least an hour every week to go and try something new. Try that hiking trail you heard about, go kayakingVacation day down the river, take a bicycle ride, visit a museum, try a new restaurant on the other side of town, walk down main street and people watch.
  2. Schedule 15 minutes at the end (or beginning) of your day and review how you spent your time. Can you eliminate anything? Can you delegate or hire someone? Was it something that really had to be done? Take a hard look and create awareness. You may be surprised. Learn to say no. Learn to let go of perfection. Set goals.

Are you looking for some recommendations on what to do in your area?  Have you scheduled your next weekend adventure and need help planning?  Contact us today! It’s never too early to start.

Have other ideas on how to find time for road trips or adventures?  Please comment below and let us know!

As always, thanks for reading!

Kristi, aka the Trippy Tripster

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Kristi enjoys traveling and taking road trips to fully experience life. She loves to find local eateries, off the beaten path hidden gems, and the secrets to enjoying the journey.

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